Save the Queen

Professor Tempus has gone way back to 1137, the medieval England and has entered the kingdom of Queen Eleonara. The queen got in revolt and has been taken in custody by her husband Hendrik II. The kingdom wants to save her and are looking for loyal and worthy knights, who can help them with this. Professor Tempus has an idea, through his timemachine people from the present can travel back in time and prove that they are loyal and worthy knights who can help to save queen Elonora.

Jungle Tribe War

Professor Tempus travelled back to the year 1986, where he ended up in the middle of the jungle. Here he meets the tribes Mahotsji and Kerioka who are in a fight. After years of fighting, the tribe Kerioka has recently developed a bomb with the intention to put this in the area of the Mahotsji tribe. This tribe is in such panic that they ask help from professor Tempus. Professor Tempus can’t do this alone. He decides to let people from the present travel back to the year 1968, and ask them to help the Mahotsji tribe.